Ankapark is the largest playground in Europe

Turkey held in Ankara the capital of the theme park will open in the spring Ankapark.

Visitor record broke in Troy Ancient City in Turkey

In 2018, 531 thousand 530 people came from the ancient city of Troy in the last 10 years, the visitor broke a record.

Cappadocia, the tourist record was broken in 2018

In 2018, Cappadocia has a record number of 2 million 949 thousand 542 local and foreign tourists, with more than 3 million visitors in 2019.

2 million visitors to Erciyes Ski Center in Turkey

Erciyes Ski Center, which has reached international standards within the scope of Erciyes Master Plan, which was implemented by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality with an investment of 350 million euros, started its season a little...

“Carries the risk of earthquakes in Turkey in 20 years, the building will be...

Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mr. Murat Kurum visited Balıkesir at the end of last week; in a part of his statements here in the year 300 thousand urban transformation project to realize that...

The most affordable houses in Turkey..

According to an article published in the US newspaper USA Today cheapest houses among OECD countries in Turkey ..

İş hukukunda “Kötü Niyet Tazminatı” nedir?

Bazen kıdem ve ihbar tazminatı almanın mümkün olmadığı hallerde hak kazanmanın söz konusu olduğu kötü niyet tazminatı nedir? Bu tazminat hakkı nasıl kazanılır?

Where is Uzungöl in Turkey?

Uzungol Plateau, which is one of the most known places of tourism in the Black Sea Region, is within the boundaries of Çaykara District of Trabzon. Uzungöl is located 19 kilometers from the center...

Where is Horma Canyon in Turkey?

Horna Canyon, which has wonderful natural beauties, is within the boundaries of Pınarbaşı District of Kastamonu. Horma Canyon and Anbar Lake are located on the Zara Stream and there are pits in the form...

Where is Yıldıztepe ski resort in Turkey?

1 ski lift, 1 ski lift and 2 ski slopes are available in Yıldızlı ski resort.

Where is the Karboğazı ski resort in Turkey?

There is snow suitable for skiing in Karbogazi Ski Center on the slope of Bolkar Mountains for 6 months.

Where is Gilindire Cave in Turkey?

Gilindire Cave is one of the districts of Mersin, Aydıncık. Gilindire Cave is 555 meters long and has an average width of 46 meters. A lake is reached after 450 meters of the cave....

Where is Dim Cave in Turkey?

Dim Cave is within the boundaries of Alanya District of Antalya. Dim Cave is 11 kilometers from Alanya city center. Dim Cave is 232 meters above the Dim River, which gives its name to the...

Where is Ballıca Cave in Turkey?

Ballıca Cave is located in Ballıca Village within the boundaries of Pazar District of Tokat. The Ballıca Cave is 38 kilometers from the center of Tokat and 8 kilometers from the market center. The length...

Where is Çal Cave in Turkey?

It is located within the boundaries of Düzköy, about 50 kilometers away from the center of Trabzon. Stalactites, stalagmites, ponds and waterfalls began to attract tourists. Especially in the recent period with the increase...

Where is Kabaceviz Waterfall in Turkey?

Kabaceviz Waterfall is within the boundaries of Tekkeköy District of Samsun. Kabaceviz Waterfall is 32 kilometers away from Samsun and 22 kilometers from Tekkeköy. The road is a difficult course to enter by car. How...

Where is Sakızcılar Waterfall in Turkey?

Sakızcılar Waterfall or known name Ağlayan Kaya Waterfall is in Sakızcılar Village in Çal District of Denizli. The distance to Denizli city center is 40 km. How to get from Denizli to Sakizcilar Waterfall? On the...

Where is Tortum Waterfall in Turkey?

Tortum Waterfall, which is poured from a height of 48 meters, is located on the Erzurum-Artvin road, within the boundaries of Uzundere District of Erzurum. It is located on the Tortum Stream and is...

Balloon tour prices in Cappadocia

In 2018, 537 thousand 500 people paid 70 million euros for the balloon tour in Cappadocia.

Where is Girlevik Waterfall in Turkey?

Girlevik Waterfall, which displays the beauty of a unique nature with its frozen stalactites during the winter months, also breathes the heat of the summer with its ice-cold cool waters.


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